Sunday, April 3, 2011

Laetare Sunday

Today is the 4th Sunday of Advent, sometimes called Laetare Sunday because the entrance chant or introit of the mass begins with the word Laetare which means "rejoice".

Today's readings from mass.

A bit about Laetare Sunday from the old Catholic Encyclopedia and from Wikipedia. It's roughly mid-way between Ash Wednsday and Easter. In a way it's like the church stops to take a breath on it's journey towards Easter Sunday.

Traditionally, on this Sunday priests can wear pink, excuse me, rose vestments at mass.

The introit that gives the day it's name is from Isaiah 66:10,11 and Psalm 121(122):

"Rejoice, 0 Jerusalem; and gather round, all you who love her;
rejoice in gladness, after having been in sorrow; exult and be
replenished with the consolation flowing from her motherly
bosom. jr. I rejoiced when it was said unto me: "Let us go to the
house of the Lord."

Personally, I'm really fond of todays gradual, or chant between the readings. You will almost never hear it sung outside the old traditional Latin mass (Extraordinary Form) because it the Ordinary Form it's place is usually taken by the Responsorial Psalm from the lectionary for Mass. I happen to like responsorial psalms, I think they were a good idea, but I also really like this chant, it's one of my favorites. It's also taken from Psalm 121(122) and called Laetatus Sum:

"I rejoiced when it was said unto me: "Let us go to the house of
the Lord." ,. Let peace reign within your walls, and abundance in
your towers."

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